Make snack-time healthy and fun for kids

Make snack-time healthy and fun for kids

When it comes to putting together healthy snacks for kids, it’s not always as simple as it may seem. Snacks not only help to keep kids energized but also satiate their hunger pangs. It can be the best time to give growing kids the much needed nutrition.

A mother always tries to give nutritious snacks to her children, but they always tend to go towards food that appeals to their taste buds. Compromise on taste and the child becomes moody and skips the snack time. This makes healthy snacks a constant source of headache for most mothers as they want to serve nutritious meal in tasty avatar.

While traditional snacks are high on taste, they might not be enough for the nutrition growing kids need. Moreover, healthy snacks usually don’t seem very exciting to kids and they wish to have something fun. So what can a mother do to ensure that her child is getting the right nutrition? The easiest way is to convert traditional recipes into healthy snacks recipes. Replacing a few ingredients with healthier alternatives ups the nutrition quotient. For example, using ragi instead of flour to make cookies, oats for idli instead of rice, adding lots of vegetables to poha, pan frying instead of deep frying the snacks can go a long way in making sure that kids eat healthy.

One of the favourite go-to options for mothers has always been milk, for kids snack time. Packed with nutrients it can be very filling but the kids tend to reach out for more palette appeasing options. Milkshakes can be another way to introduce the goodness of milk into the kids' snack time.

Made from 100% real milk, Jersey Thickshake can make snack time wholesome, healthier and more fun when used along with the regular snacks. It has essential nutrients like calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals for growing kids that not only acts as a healthy snack but also as a refresher for kids especially after school, playtime or tuitions.

Available in four delicious flavours – Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and Vanilla, combine them with various quick snacks for kids to add nutritive value as well as fun into the kids' snack time.

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