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Recipe Chocolate Milkshake
Chocolate Milkshake


The measure of ingredients will serve 2 people ideally.

  • JERSEY Milk-1- 2 Cups.
  • Cocoa Powder- Approximately 1/8th of a cup. Please note that this might differ according to your taste preference.
  • Ice-cream- Chocolate flavour.
  • Sugar to taste.
  • Chocolate Shavings (Optional).
  • Whipped cream (Optional).
  • Espresso Powder if you want to give a mocha flavour to the milkshake (Optional).


  • Take frozen ice-cream and put it in the blender.
  • Add milk. You can use whole milk or skimmed milk depending on what you use.
  • Add the cocoa powder to the combination of ingredients.
  • To get a thick milkshake you can add whipped cream.
  • Blend these together to get the perfect milkshake.
  • You can put the chocolate shavings on top to serve

Nutrition Chart

Calories    500 gm
Fat 8 gm
Carbohydrates   40 gm
Protein 4 gm

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