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Cooling Summer Picks from Godrej Jersey

Indian summers are characterised by the rising temperatures, scorching sun, sweaty days, and the kulfiwala. Remember fanning yourself in the classroom, rushing to the auto-rickshaw as the final bell rings, and just as you reach home seeking refuge in front of the water cooler. Your mom brought slices of chilled watermelon, and as you take the first bite, you end up forgetting about the hassles of the day. Ahh, what serene days were they!

Since summer is here to stay, we can only prepare ourselves for the better. Here’s a list of some cooling summer picks from Godrej Jersey - the perfect companions for the hot summer days ahead.

      1. Buttermilk

Buttermilk, commonly known as Chaas, is a saviour in summers. Buttermilk includes a high percentage of water, hence it keeps the body hydrated. If we keep our bodies hydrated during summers, it can help in maintaining a normal body temperature.

It’s rich in nutrients like probiotics that keep your gut healthy. As our gut is closely connected to the immune system, it can regulate body temperature even on hot days. Buttermilk also contains electrolytes that maintain body fluid balance.

Overall, buttermilk creates a cooling effect on the body. It helps in preventing dehydration, which often leads to overheating and loss of bodily fluids.

Godrej Jersey buttermilk comes in two delicious flavours - jeera and spicy (made with ginger & chilli) flavours.

      2. Curd

Consuming curd, results in many healthy effects on the body like regulating internal temperature. Following are the reasons why curd is a must in summers:

  • Curd is a rich source of hydration, thus maintaining normal body temperature.
  • Loaded with probiotics that promote healthy gut bacteria. It helps in reducing inflammation and regulating the body’s response to heat.
  • Curd is acidic in nature, it produces digestive enzymes, which are known to increase heat production and metabolism. However, the body produces sweat and increases blood flow to the skin to cool down the body. This results in heat dissipation and controlled body temperature.

Godrej Jersey offers rich and thick curd that can be included in your meals everyday. We also produce partly skimmed fruit youghurts in three flavours - mango, strawberry, and blueberry to satisfy your after-meal cravings in a healthier way.

      3. Lassi

A popular Indian drink that is refreshing yet nutritious and helps in keeping you cool in hot weather. As Lassi is made with a mixture of yoghurt, water, and spices, it keeps your body cool. When mixed with water, it turns into a hydrating and cooling drink. It can be flavoured with different spices like cardamom, coriander, mint, and cumin, which also carry cooling properties.

Benefits of drinking lassi in summers:

  • Hydrates the body
  • Helps in maintaining normal body temperature
  • Made with yoghurt which contains healthy probiotics
  • Cumin has cooling properties that helps in lowering body temperature by increasing sweat production
  • Rich in calcium and other electrolytes, resulting in fluid balance in the body.

One of the summer picks from Godrej Jersey is the tasty refresher sweet lassi. The creaminess of yoghurt combined with a sweet flavour is sure to tickle your taste buds.

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