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Hear from our happy consumers!
  • We have only been using JERSEY Curd for a long time now. It has the right thickness and consistency.
  • I simply love JERSEY products. All of their products have a taste that my family likes.
  • I found Jersey curd to be rich and tasty. It is very close to home-made curd and not at all creamy like other available options. It comes in 1 kg tub, which is very convenient. My mother-in-law was particularly happy to set curd at home using Jersey Dahi.
    Neelu Gangrade
  • Jersey Curd and Paneer are my all-time favorites. Being a regular user, I trust the brand. Being a vegetarian, we need to have Paneer to get the right proteins in our diet and I trust only Jersey Paneer for healthy dishes.
    Ratnika Singh
  • I have been using Jersey Butter for the past two years and am very happy with it. It is especially good for baking as the consistency comes out perfect each time. I use the butter for making idlis, brownies and even buttercream. Jersey Butter is a must-have in my kitchen!
    Mallika Shizan
  • JERSEY products taste very good and my kids love to drink on JERSEY Milk. If I change the brand anytime, they can immediately find it out.
  • The variety and range that Jersey provides for milk has helped me immensely in various recipe preparations. The quality really makes a difference and my family has been noticing as well. Keep up the good work!
    Reneesha Dutta
  • I am an avid consumer of jersey products and off late I had decided to try some new brands and recently purchased the Enrich D toned milk and have had a very positive experience. Unlike other toned milk the Enrich D product has a more creamier texture and the milk is quite thick and also good to taste. I'm quite satisfied.
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