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The best Indian food home remedies to improve immunity

Indian foods and ingredients collectively offer a variety of benefits to strengthen our immunity. Luckily, these ingredients are often present in our kitchen and a few home remedies can be adopted consciously, to boost our immunity naturally. While immunity cannot be improved in a day and often is a function of taking a good diet, exercising regularly and maintaining good hygiene, some quick methods can really go a long way to get into the habit of strengthening our immune systems.


Tulsi, popularly known as basil leaves are found in most Indian homes. They help to prevent cough and cold. It is an excellent practice to chew tulsi leaves directly or take a dash of it with tea.


Jeera or Cumin Cooking with Jeera is very good for health as it aids digestion, immunity and body wellness.


Ginger root is generally used as a spice and also as a readily available solution for minor ailments. Ginger helps in improving digestive power. It can be taken with tea for soothing sore throat. A pinch of ginger every day can be a boon to every fitness enthusiast as it has the ability to reduce muscle pain and soreness. 


Garlic comes from the onion family. Garlic has specific properties that can remove vata (a type of dosha or fundamental energy in the body). It also has five rasas and hence is used for many conditions, including increasing immunity and maintaining normal blood pressure. It is also incredibly nutritious with low calories and can tackle sickness, including the common cold.


Amla, derived from the Sanskrit word Amalaki, the Indian Gooseberry has high vitamin C and amino acid contents. It is an excellent antioxidant and immunity builder that aids in the overall functioning of the heart. Amla juice is a great option to reduce cholesterol levels. It is also helpful in maintaining diabetes and respiratory ailments like asthma.


Turmeric is a form of spice as well as a medical herb, that belongs to the ginger family. It is mostly used in cooking Indian cuisines. Turmeric has excellent immunity-boosting, anti-inflammatory properties. Consumption of Turmeric with milk or tea is widespread.


Triphala equalizes all the doshas which are necessary for health. Triphala is a blend of three fruits i.e. amla, harad, and bahera. It helps balance the doshas, that maintains body wellness.


Giloy, is known as heart-leaved moonseed. It helps remove toxins, purifies blood, fights bacteria that cause diseases, thus, boosting immunity. It also helps to fight infections and fever.



Decoctions: Apart from all these ingredients, decoctions can be made with multiple herbs usually available at homes. The herbs generally used are coriander seeds, pepper, garlic, white pepper, long pepper and dry ginger. Some decoctions also include tulsi leaves, cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, caraway seeds (ajwain), fennel seeds (saunf), Bay leaf (tejpatta) and honey. Various types of decoctions are a part of our Indian food habits as a quick remedy for cold and cough, and also aids immunity. 


Dairy: Dairy also comes in handy with benefits to help immunity. The Golden Milk, in this, Milk is often used with turmeric to fight several infections. Buttermilk is high in probiotics and also an excellent immunity booster. Ghee is our immune system’s best friend. Different types of medicated ghee can enhance body wellness and are used as a secret recipe in many kitchens.


Our immune system is not a single entity. There are a lot of aspects that are directly involved with good health. Besides good nourishment and other things mentioned above, clean rumination is also very important to live a stress-free life. Our body is our pilgrimage, hence supplying it with a proper diet will help us to stay healthy and prevent sickness at bay. The wide variety of foods and Indian remedies can also help us to build immunity naturally at home and fight common infections. 


Written by Dr Dharini Krishnan, Consultant Dietician with inputs on Indian Remedies from Dr Madhumitha Krishnan, an Ayurvedic Pediatrician.

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