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As global warming continues to increase, summers are here to stay and get more intense than ever. Hence, no matter what’s the latest trend for summer, staying hydrated is on everyone’s top priority. Especially for children, who are excited about their upcoming summer holidays and are bound to be restless around afternoons no matter how much you try and convince them for an afternoon nap.

During summers our body tends to lose water at a faster pace due to excessive sweating. While water remains an important source to quench thirst, the sweaty days with hot winds, unbearable heat and endless afternoons are best enjoyed with a cool and refreshing drink in hand.

Buttermilk: Healthier than any carbonated drinks, this curd-based drink remains undoubtedly an Indian favourite. Brilliant for digestion, quench your thirst with the rich and natural taste of Jersey Buttermilk in amazing in jeera and spicy (ginger & chilly) flavours. Grab one of these if you are on the go. Best to stock them in advance to make sure you are not short in supply.


Lassi: Nothing can beat the rich natural taste of sweet lassi on a hot summer day. Available in sweet and mango flavours, try out Jersey Lassi today.


Coconut Water: Nothing can be better than tender coconut water to bring a smile on the face. Its antioxidant and medicinal properties make it a delicious source of hydration for summers. Have it plain or mix with mild spices or seasonal fruits, you can never go wrong with it.

Sugarcane Juice: People have been using sugarcane juice for thousands of years as a natural remedy to treat a lot of problems. A rich source of minerals and nutrients, sugarcane is known for building up the immunity. Mix it with some lemon and ginger to enhance the taste and stay cool this summer.

Watermelon Juice: Summers are synonymous with watermelons. If you are into pulpy juices or not, you can definitely count on it to make you instantly refreshed and hydrated.

Lemon Juice: Don’t miss out on this most sought after drink for the summer! A quick an easy drink to make, ensure to use chilled water or ice along with sugar, lemon and a pinch of salt for that perfect hydration.

Jaljeera: Made with roasted cumin seeds powder, water and black salt; jaljeera can the best friend for people who suffer from digestion problems especially during summers.

Kanji: Known as the Indian probiotic, kanji is a fermented drink made with water, black carrots, beetroot, mustard seeds and heeng. While it takes a while to grow used to it, you can count on these to stay healthy throughout summers.

Jigarthanda: A signature South Indian, Jigarthanda ia a classic dessert drink sold in Madurai streets. Made with icecream, condensed milk and falooda, this drink is definitely a local favourite.

Nannari Sharbat: A staple in many Kerala’s homes, nannari sharbat is made with nannari roots. The syrup is crafted by boiling the roots with sugar, water and a hint of lime. Also known as naruneendi sarbath in Kerala, they are best served with crushed ice to beat the scorching heat summer heat of the summer.

Ragi Buttermilk: Combine buttermilk with ragi and a pinch of salt and you get a powerhouse of healthy nutrition as well as a refreshing summer drink. Try it with Jersey jeera and spicy (ginger & chilly) flavours.


Flavoured Milk: Nothing can beat a chilled bottle of flavored milk when you are on-the-go. Have you tried the Jersey Flavoured milk in kesar, badam and dates flavours?


Thickshake: Made with 100% real milk, Thickshake will not only become your new summer favourite. Combine it with your regular snacks to make snack time wholesome!


Fortunately, summers have blessed South India with some amazing food that works as natural remedies for the summer. Tried and tested by mothers and grandmothers alike, here are our top picks for summer drinks to help you beat the heat the healthy way. While some are easy refreshing drinks to make at home there are a few that can help if you are on the go.

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