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Try these Quick 30-Minute Milk Dessert Recipes

Making any Indian sweet, particularly the ones with milk require a lot of arm work. Constantly stirring and reducing the milk for hours to achieve the right consistency demands time and effort. Honestly, nobody has got any of those. 

And why bother to put yourself through such inconvenience when you can quickly make milk desserts in just 30 minutes. Bring new flavours to your kitchen with these no-fuss sweet treats. A heavenly taste and no mindless mixing up!



  • Boil some milk in a non-stick pan. 
  • Now add sugar and milk powder. 
  • Stir and mix well. 
  • Add some vanilla extract and butter, cook for at least 2 minutes. 
  • At this stage, add plain yoghurt and mix till it curdles. 
  • As it leaves the sides of the pan, add ghee and cook for another minute. 
  • Switch off the stove when it’s a runny liquid. 
  • Before serving, garnish with nuts.

2.Paneer Barfi

  • Boil the desired quantity of full-fat milk in a pot. 
  • Add lemon juice to it. Boil till it curdles. 
  • Now add a pinch of citric acid.
  • Switch off the heat. Add 2 cups of cold water and let it rest. 
  • Drain in a muslin cloth and rinse with running water. 
  • Squeeze the excess water. 
  • Let it rest for 10 minutes. 
  • Knead the paneer until it assembles into a dough. 
  • Add some mawa, sugar, and cardamom powder - mix them well. 
  • Transfer to a greased pan. 
  • Spread out evenly, garnish with some nuts.

3.Badam Halwa

  • Grind some almonds to make a powder. 
  • In a pan, add almonds, sugar, and milk. Stir until the mixture thickens. 
  • Add saffron, ghee, and cardamom powder. 
  • Mix till it starts to separate from the pan. 
  • Turn off the stove. 
  • You can cool it in the freezer or serve it hot.


4.Coconut Milk Ladoo

  • Boil milk in a heavy bottom pan. 
  • Now add sugar, as it dissolves completely add milk powder. 
  • Once mixed well, add a little butter and vanilla extract. Cook for 1-2 minutes more. 
  • Now add grated coconut to this mix. Mix and cook for 4-5 minutes. 
  • Add sugar and cardamom powder. 
  • Cook until it thickens. 
  • Cool it slightly and make round ladoos. 
  • Roll them on grated coconut and pistachio before serving.


5.Instant Peda

  • Start by boiling some milk with sugar & milk powder to make condensed milk. 
  • Melt butter in a microwave or pan. 
  • Now add the homemade condensed milk & milk powder to the melted butter. 
  • Mix all the ingredients well. 
  • Microwave for 3 minutes and keep the mix inside for another minute. 
  • Mix again once removed from the oven.
  • Let it cool for 5 minutes. 
  • Grease your palms with ghee, to make flat balls out of the mix. 
  • To decorate the peda, garnish with some nuts.



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