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The nutrients found in milk help make it nature's most perfect food. While milk products contain high-quality proteins, it is vitamin D that helps our body to absorb calcium in our body. Vitamin D also helps to build bones and keeps them strong and healthy. Hence, if vitamin D is missing from your milk, the milk that you drink every day goes waste.

Vitamin D is generated in our body when our skin is exposed to sunlight. The other sources of vitamin D include salmon, tuna, mushrooms, and pasture raised eggs.

India being a tropical country, getting Vitamin D through the exposure to the sun was the way people maintained their daily requirement for the Vitamin. Changing lifestyle, work culture and school timings have led to deficiency in the Vitamin D. Long work hours or night shifts prevent people from getting the required exposure to direct sunlight. The benefit of direct sunlight is also not available because of sunscreen or sun blockers which are commonly used today.

The technology has advanced today to fortify or enrich food with nutrients that are otherwise not found in them, improving their nutritional quality. Just 2 glasses of Vitamin D fortified milk ensures that you get an adequate amount of Vitamin D for strong bones and promoting overall good health.

With Vitamin D enriched milk you can drink in all the goodness of milk, helping your body fight infections. Some of the other functions of the body that vitamin D helps in include:

           • Immune system to fight infection
           • Muscle function
           • Cardiovascular function for healthy heart and circulation
           • Respiratory function for healthy lungs and airways
           • Brain development
           • Anti-cancer effects

Say cheers to health today!

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