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World Milk Day is celebrated on June 1st every year, but there’s no time like today to celebrate dairy farmers. Dairy farmers deserve all the thanks for giving to the planet. Did you know? About 500 million families in India depend on dairy. World Milk Day is a way to say thanks to those who help boost the dairy sector in the country. Milk and its byproducts have millions of benefits in terms of health and nutrition and have several benefits for the economy. The sector has been responsible not just for the development of the economy but has also been a source of income for women

Around the globe, 160 million children have had their meals powered by the milk industry. Today, we want to thank all dairy farmers worldwide and list down some reasons we are thanking them! How the Milk Industry has been powering Income and Jobs Livestock rearing in India is huge, but milk is one of the largest contributors. In 2017, it accounted for about 67% of the livestock earnings. It has also been helping other agriculture settings. Paddy and wheat have been aided by 20.6% by milk products and milk manufacturing.

Milk farming has also been promoted worldwide for its benefits to the economy. To help boost household incomes worldwide, several governments have been promoting it as a source of income. Many countries have been spending millions on importing milk and other milk products, but directly producing them in-country has been solving a lot of problems and improving the economy. Milk farmers have been finding smart ways to use their livestock for the better of the industry. For example, there is a certain period when cows need to be tended to in order to get the best quality milk. Still, during this period milk farmers everywhere focus on producing crops for their livestock that can also be sold to help the milk industry!

Milk improves lives!

The milk production industry has been known to help people who need more nutrition. This is because milk is already a good source of nutrition, but when farmers and distribution are involved, they can help the population a lot! For example, in Niger during the 2005 food crisis, the food shortage didn’t affect kids who had milk from milk farms before the food crisis.


How is milk production better for the planet Milk farming is also better for the earth than most industries that involve livestock! We want to take a moment to thank all dairy farmers for ethical production and for being
great examples for all industries. Milking cows can consume up to 100 pounds of food and 50 gallons of water per day. Milk farmers also need to provide their livestock with great environments for their growth, which is why they feed them the byproducts of other industries. This reduces waste. A lot of byproducts in many farms are wasted or sent to mills, but cows are strong animals. They will eat the most edible food that is sent out from other farms and grow up healthy and produce good milk. Suitable for other farms too! Modern technology has helped make dairy farming better for the planet too! Dairy farmers are smart and use their byproducts and waste for other practices. Older water is used by dairy farmers to help with irrigation. Cow manure is great for the soil too, so many dairy farmers have been using it for the earth and providing it to other sectors to
help crops. That’s a great initiative by dairy farmers and helpful for the planet!

Milk is helping the economy and feeding families

Milk is a good source of protein. It is rich in amino acids that aren’t there in many carbohydrate-rich foods and has Vitamin A and D. This is why milk has been consumed in many low-income households to give the right nutrients to kids and adults. This increased consumption means that people can buy more goods and produce and manufacture more. This is why, for years, dairy farmers have been a great tool to help improve the lives of low-income households while helping feed the population. Dairy farmers around the world have been working day and night to provide food and help the economy, which is why thanking them is our duty! We want to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been in dairy farming as these farmers have helped the world in so many ways. We want to thank them for working in rough weather conditions to feed the world! We stand by dairy farmers because they have given the world so much!


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