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Jersey Ghee Stories  Contest

Jersey Ghee Stories Contest

Godrej Jersey launches the #JerseyGheeStories, which encourages people to cook with Jersey Ghee as their primary ingredient at home and help their loved ones in their kitchen. This dish should be something they relate to in a nostalgic way. Hence, #JerseyGheeStories is for mothers who rush back to the flavours of their childhood every once in a while, and spend their time making exquisite dishes with Jersey Ghee

Cook, Describe & Conquer your win! Cook your favourite dish with Jersey Ghee along with your family and share it with us. In the description, they can illustrate how the dish is nostalgic and special to them. The top 3 Ghee cooking recipes with the best cooking video stand a chance to win an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs 5000/- each and 5 families with the best photo will get to grab an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs 1000/- each. Hurry Now! 

How to Participate:

The #JerseyGheeStories will be held on all social platforms.

All you need to do is follow these steps to enter the contest:

    1. Prepare or cook your favourite recipe with Jersey Ghee (You can use any other ghee if Jersey Ghee is not available to you).

    2. Capture the action in the form of a video or a photograph of your dish made with Ghee (Make sure the image or video is of good quality).

    3. Upload it to any social media platform as a public post tagging @GodrejJersey and use the hashtag #JerseyGheeStories. (Entry as comments will not be considered valid)

    4. Inbox us the recipe along with the link to the video or the photograph that you have uploaded.

    5. Follow our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Facebook       Twitter       Instagram -  (kindly follow this from your mobile app)

    6. Share this post and tag 5 of your friends to encourage them to take up the challenge and stand a chance to win.



On successful completion of the tasks, you will be an eligible participant in the #JerseyGheeStories.


Winners - 3 video and 5 photograph winners will be selected based on creativity. Post with a good engagement like getting a number of comments, likes, and views will increase your chances.


Video winners will be rewarded with an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs 5000/- and Photo winners get an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs 1000/- each.


Please Note: The winners will also get highlighted in our Jersey Community Recipe Blog. Once declared as the winner, they have to share their complete recipe details which we will publish with their name and photo (We expect you to share clear images of your hard work).


Terms & Conditions

  • Top 8 Best concepts are chosen based on their creativity. Post with a good engagement like getting a number of comments, likes, and views will increase your chances. If contestants have the same points, then a lucky draw will be held to select the winner.
  • Following Godrej Jersey social accounts are mandatory.
  • Use of Godrej Jersey Ghee is Mandatory. (You can use any other ghee if Jersey Ghee is not available to you)
  • The contest will commence on 4th November, 2020 and end on 22nd November 2020. All entries till 11:59 pm of 22nd November, 2020 will be considered eligible.
  • All the winners will be contacted soon after the winner announcement.
  • Selection of the winners will be the sole discretion of Godrej Jersey and the decision shall be final.
  • Top 3 creative winners with the best video will be rewarded with an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs 5000/- and the other 5 winners with a family photo with the dish will be getting an Amazon gift card worth INR 1000/-.
  • The winner will be chosen based on the entry of either video or a photo category.
  • Terms & Conditions are subjected to change based on the progress of the contest.
  • Dates are subjected to change based on the progress of the contest.
  • Godrej Jersey has the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions when deemed necessary prior notice.
  • Winners will be requested to share their contact details in a form.
  • Any entry for the Program before at 00:00 hours and after at 24:00 hours shall not be entertained and summarily be rejected.
  • Participants should be registered user of Facebook/ Instagram and follow the official Godrej Jersey social media handles where he/ she intends to submit their Picture or Video.
  • Participants should mandatorily use the hashtag "#JerseyGheeStories" with his/her post.
  • Participants who are minors (below 18 years of age) need to be accompanied by their guardian.
  • Participant(s) who were recognized as a winner(s) in past contest campaigns shall not be eligible for any of the subsequent prizes during the Term of the entire Program.
  • Only 1 entry per participant will be considered.
  • Entries submitted through any other mode/platform other than the ones mentioned earlier, shall not be entertained and be summarily rejected.
  • The content cannot be explicit or suggestive, violent or derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group, profane or contain absurd imagery.
  • The content must not promote illegal activity that may appear unsafe or dangerous, or any particular political agenda or message.
  • Cannot be obscene or offensive, endorse any form of hate or hate group or hurt religious sentiments.
  • Cannot defame, misrepresent or contain derogatory or false remarks about Godrej Jersey, its customers or its products, or other people.
  • Cannot contain trademarks, logos or trade dress owned by other brands, or advertise or promote any other brand or product of any kind, without permission, or contain any personal identification, such as license plate numbers, personal names, email addresses or street addresses.
  • The contest entry must be tagged to only Godrej Jersey and no other brand per se. If the post is used for two different purposes/contest then the entry will be invalid.
  • Must be original and cannot contain copyrighted materials owned by others (without permission and cannot be plagiarized from any source.
  • Cannot contain any kind of background artwork, unless it is an original work of the Participant.
  • Prizes are not negotiable and the decision of the Jersey Jury members shall be final. We will not entertain any kind of grievances regarding winner selection.
  • The participant confirms that on participating he/ she has no objection in the collection or processing of their data according to the manner carved out in the Campaign.
  • Your personal data as collected by Godrej Jersey associates/partners or affiliates shall pass your personal data to Godrej Jersey. Such data collected and retained may be used by Godrej Jersey and or its related associates/partners/ affiliates for marketing, internal study, and data analysis purposes.

All the Best!