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Enter the world of healthy living
Easy refreshing drinks for summer
Your guide to avoid protein deficiency in diet...
The benefits of including in diet...
Know why to include in daily diet...
Learn why curd is beneficial...
Great source of protein for vegetarians, know why you need to start cooking...
How can you bridge the protein gap in your diet?
Here are the best food tips that will help you to boost your immunity naturally.
This blog will help you naturally boost your immunity with the help of Indian food and ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen.
Benefits of Protein: A must include in your diet list
Myths About Milk You Should Stop Believing
Top 12 amazing facts about milk
Top 6 Hidden Benefits of Cow Milk
World Milk Day: Gratitude to the Farmers Around the World
Milk benefits for kids that contribute to nutritional growth
6 Common Myths about Ghee
3 Paneer Recipes that are super delicious and easy to cook.
What are the health benefits of paneer in diet?
Indian famous high protein desserts that you should try.
9 Proven Benefits of Ghee
3 easy milk recipes to make for every puja
3 Refreshingly Special Traditional Drinks for Diwali
5 Healthy Paneer Recipes for Every Gym Addict
Try these Quick 30-Minute Milk Dessert Recipes
Dhaba Style Paneer Recipes for Special Family Dinners
5 Tempting Recipes You Can Make with Godrej Jersey Ghee
5 Quick and Easy Sweet Recipes for Diwali
6 Traditional Delicacies You Must Prepare on Diwali
A Quick and Delicious Besan Barfi Recipe with Godrej Jersey Ghee
Crispy, Tasty Dosa Made with Wholesome Godrej Jersey Ghee
Mouth–Watering Biryani Recipe You Can Cook with Godrej Jersey Ghee
Delectable Chip Cookies Made with Ghee to Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings
Flaky and Authentic Moong Dal Kachoris Made with Godrej Jersey Ghee
Zesty and Spicy Paneer Tikka Recipe Made Using the Goodness of Godrej Jersey Ghee
Easy Recipe for Delicious Badam Milk to Enjoy on Special Occasions
Delicious Plum Cake Recipe for Christmas with Godrej Jersey Ghee
Easy Curd Recipes for Winter
Building Immunity, One Sip at a Time with Recharge Plus
Why Vitamin C is Needed by the Body
5 Reasons Why Curd is a Superfood
Tips to Make Thick Curd from Toned Milk
3 Quick Drinks with Milk to Make Your Summer Cooler
A Baked Recipe Using Ghee
Cooling Summer Picks from Godrej Jersey
Better Milk, Better Curd
Cool and Creamy Summer Recipes with Godrej Jersey Yoghurt Picks
Summer Indulgence: Exploring Godrej Jersey's Ice Cream Range
How Godrej My Farm Maintains a Premium Standard of Milk Quality?
Satisfy your Sweet Cravings with Godrej Jersey Milky Shots

Recipe Book

Treat your taste buds the healthy way
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Are You A Secret Chef?Share your recipe inspiration with us!
By Indrani Sen, #HomeBakerMatters Recipe Challenge
An effortless home baked eggless pineapple cream cake that not only smells heavenly but also tastes delicious.
By Pooja Misra, #HomeBakerMatters Recipe Challenge
Sure to stratify sweet cravings, the cake rolls are the easiest and fanciest dessert to make. Try it at home today!
By Sunita Vaznaik, #HomeBakerMatters Recipe Challenge
Turn leftover bread into an easy dessert with just a few simple ingredients without much effort.
By Zaitoon Hameed, #HomeBakerMatters Recipe Challenge
An easy at home savoury baking recipe that is sure to become a staple for parties and easy snacking!
By Celebrity Chef, Amrita Raichand
A wholesome meal in itself, serve this healthy milkshake to kids during snack time.
By Celebrity Chef, Amrita Raichand
Serve this super healthy milkshake/snack to kids to satisfy their cravings as well as taste buds.
By Celebrity Chef, Amrita Raichand
Try out this super quick and easy healthy recipe to give your kids the added nutrition for their snack time.
Incorporating all the goodness of Curd… this no-fuss quick recipe tastes great and keeps your tummy healthy!
Rich in calcium and protein, Palak Paneer recipe is full of taste and nutrition making it a wholesome meal!
Most sought after vegetarian dish, the creamy & spicy Paneer Butter Masala is easy to make yet simply irresistible!
Perfect for any occasion, Chocolate Milkshake is a guaranteed crowd puller!
Best for the festive or special occasion, Payasam is quick to make without any hassle. Prepare this dish to make your day special!
Matar Paneer is a healthy dish, high in protein and calcium. It is easy on the digestive system as well.
Kadai paneer is a traditional Indian masala dish, full of aroma and irresistible in taste. It is also a rich source of protein & calcium.
A royal dish rich in creamy gravy and high on protein and iron!
High minerals and vitamins content along with the goodness of dry fruits make gajar halwa a mouth-watering and a healthy dessert!
A lip-smacking, delicious and healthy breakfast for all age groups!
Soft and spongy rasgullas make for a delicious dessert! This easy to make delicacy will surely melt in your mouth.
One of the most popular snacks across India, dahi vada is a perfect combination of health and taste.
Rich in both taste and aroma, make this dish to soak in all the goodness of your favourite rice and ghee.
A Bengali delicacy made of paneer balls dipped in flavoured condensed milk, rasmalai is a crowd pleaser!
A delicious #JerseyInstaRecipe by Ms. Esha Kakkar
Find the recipe to the yummy 'Stuffed Grilled Harrisa Paneer with Creamy Spinach Sauce' here.
A Crunchy #JerseyInstaRecipe by Ms. Rujuta
A Delicious and Crunchy mango-filled ice cream ball dipped in custard, that will make you drool at every bite.
An aromatic #JerseyInstaRecipe by Mr. Lalit Makhija
Mesmerise your tastebuds at every bite with an aromatic and tasty Paneer Makhani Dum Biriyani.
A flavoursome #JerseyInstaRecipe by Ms. Sunita Katyal
A delicious and mouth-watering Methi Malai Paneer recipe that perfectly complements with chapati or paratha.
A unique #JerseyInstaRecipe jalebi by Krishna Bhattacharya
Easy Chana Jalebi that will compel you to make some more.
A Sweet and Creamy #JerseyInstaRecipe by Karthik Narayanan
Creamy by nature, sweet by taste and healthy by nutrition, this Kheer will make you feel on cloud 9.
Savour this delicious pitha #JerseyInstaRecipe by Ms. Tumpa Roy
An Indian Dish with a Pumpkin squash which is not only sweet but healthy too!
A chilling Kulfi #JerseyInstaRecipe by Suman Agrawal
It's summer, and you simply cannot live without that perfect Kesar Kulfi with falooda.
A healthy Multigrain #JerseyInstaRecipe by Jayshree Mehta
A wholesome, healthy & delicious dessert made up of multigrain, fruits, and veggies.
Gowthami Yaswanth adds her flavour to #JerseyGheeStories with a special Rava kesari.
Rava or Sooji, call it what you want, is a delicious and healthy ingredient to start your day with.
Ekta Sharma's #JerseyGheeStories carry a touch of sweetness.
A coconut sweet that melts in your mouth!
A sweet cookie to indulge your sweet tooth with #JerseyGheeStories by Sakshi Ahuja.
Desi cookies? Yes, ma'am! Here's a twist in the tale your loved ones will absolutely adore.
Irrestible #JerseyGheeStories - Barfi by Suryadev Bhatt
Sticky, sweet, and healthy barfis, anyone? Grab a pen, take notes!
A traditional touch to #JerseyGheeStories by Pavithra Durairaj
Donuts, but with a desi twist. Who said traditional desserts can't be fun?
Crispy, crunchy #JerseyGheeStories by Anuradha Kumari
Even Gods can't resist this treat with irresistible taste and crunchy texture. Meet the festive favourite, sweet somas!
Santhi Rabba adds a scoop of fun to #JerseyGheeStories!
A simple 5-step recipe? Yes! A fire-less recipe at that? Double yes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find all your queries about dairy products answered here
Jersey Mom Image
Ask MEMom's got answer to all your dairy queries!
  • How are the products manufactured?
    The process starts with the collection of milk from the farmers. The collected milk is then transported to chilling centres and stored. The milk goes through the process of pasteurization, homogenization and standardization. After this process is complete, the milk is ready to manufacture various dairy products.
  • How does Jersey ensure the highest quality for milk and the milk products?
    All the milk collected goes through a grading test i.e. Organoleptic Test, which is basically a milk analyzer test. The milk is also tested for adulterants. The temperature on milk, Fat and SNF, heat stability and acidity of milk is also checked to ensure that the best milk goes for chilling. These screening methods ensure that only the top quality milk is retained. After the grading process, the milk is chilled immediately to retain freshness.
  • What are the quality control measures employed by Jersey?
    Various measures have been included after a lot of study and research. The storage temperature for the milk and various milk products are kept at optimum level to ensure that the microbial growth is slowed down to minimal. The temperature varies for different products. Every product is put through the CIP control, the purpose of which is manifold. Removes microbial contamination Removes chemical product traces Disinfectant: Sealed Air chemical- Acetic acid Quality assurance tests are conducted for the packing materials, any additives and the finished product. The products are also tested for legal specifications.
  • What are the various processing measures the milk goes through?
    Generally, there are 4 major processing steps which are followed in milk Pasteurization- The milk is heated to a specific temperature for a specified time. This is done to destroy any already present or potential harmful pathogens. UHT Pasteurization- Ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk is pasteurized at a much higher temperature to make it sterile. Homogenization- This takes place after the pasteurization and ensures that the milk fat is not separated from the fluid milk. A creamy, smooth and uniform milk texture is created. Fortification- Finally, the milk is fortified to replace the nutrients lost while processing or to increase the nutritional value by the addition of nutrients. The milk is then chilled and packed for delivery.
  • What is the composition of milk?
    Milk comprises of 87% water, 4% fat and 9% SNF (Solid-not-fats). While fat is responsible for thickness, creaminess and nutrition in milk; the energy in milk comes from its SNF and gives milk/curd, good texture. This includes protein, lactose and mineral matter.
  • Can I freeze milk?
    Freezing of milk is not recommended. It is advised to store milk at a recommended temperature of 5°C.
  • Is unpasteurized milk more nutritious than pasteurized milk?
    No. Only few vitamins are lost in insignificant amounts during pasteurization but "unpasteurized milk can pose a serious health risk." As suggested by FDA report
  • What makes milk so healthy?
    Because of its rich content of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and various minerals essential for sustaining life and maintaining good health. Milk is also termed as a complete food because of this.
  • What's the difference between milk allergy and lactose intolerance?
    Milk allergy is a food allergy caused by an allergic reaction to the protein in milk. Lactose intolerance is the inability of body to digest the lactose due to lactase enzyme deficiency. Milk allergy usually shows up early in life. Lactose intolerance is more likely to happen in adulthood.
  • Why is milk so good for you?
    Milk is known as the complete food because of its nutritious constitution of proteins, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins. Intake of milk is healthy for almost everyone in almost all ages of life.
  • Why is most milk homogenized, pasteurized and fortified?
    Milk is homogenized for uniform distribution of fat throughout the milk and reduce the cream layer on top of milk on storage. Milk is pasteurized to kill pathogenic bacteria and increase the shelf life of milk. Fortification is not widespread, only our Enrich D and Enrich curd are fortified. Fortification of Milk with vitamin A and vitamin D is required in India because of the widespread deficiencies present in the population. FSSAI is driving milk fortification with vitamin A and vitamin D.
  • What is pasteurization?
    "According to FASSI 13th Amendment 2017 the “Pasteurization, Pasteurized and similar terms” means a microbicidal heat treatment aimed at reducing the number of pathogenic micro-organisms in milk and liquid milk products, if present, to a level at which they do not constitute a significant health hazard. Pasteurization conditions are designed to effectively destroy the organisms Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Coxiella burnettii. Pasteurization, when used in association with milk, shall be taken to refer to the typical process of heating every particle of milk to at least 63°C and holding at such temperature continuously for at least thirty minutes or heating it to at least 72°C and holding at such temperature continuously for at least fifteen seconds, or any other temperature-time combination, sufficient to give a microbicidal effect equivalent to the above defined temperature-time combination and serve to give a negative Phosphatase Test that is applicable to milk immediately after pasteurization only, and cooling it immediately to a temperature of 4°C, or less."
  • How much energy shall I get from 100ml of milk?
    The energy depends on the variants of milk are you having. E.g. Our standard milk gives 71.7 kcal/100ml.
  • What is meant by SNF and total solids?
    The SNF (Solid not Fat) contains protein, lactose and mineral matter and total solids includes fat, protein, lactose and mineral matter.
  • What is the difference between skim milk and whole milk ?
    The amount of fat is the only difference between them, Skim milk does not contain more than 0.5% fat.
  • What is "homogenization"?
    Homogenization is the process of forcing whole milk through small orifices under very high pressure. This breaks the fat globules into much smaller particles and prevents the cream layer formation.
  • How can you be assured of the milk quality?
    By abiding by the requirement of FSSAI. Chemical, microbiological, physical, sensory testing is carried out at every stage from farm to fork.
  • What is the shelf life of the milk? Do I need to boil the milk?
    Shelf life of pasteurized milk is 2 days under refrigerated condition (5°C). No need to boil the pasteurized milk.
  • What are the benefits of curd ?
    Healthy Digestion: Curd acts as a great probiotic. The good bacteria present in curd helps to clear out the digestive system. Thus, improving our gut activity and great for treating upset stomach. Improves Immunity: The presence of good bacteria again helps in boosting your overall health and creating strong immunity for day-to-day airborne diseases. For stronger bones and Teeth: Rich in calcium and phosphorus, curd helps in the development of strong bones and teeth. Helps to lose weight: Curd helps in prevention of accumulation of cortisol in our body, which eventually leads to obesity and hypertension. Having curd on an everyday basis can help shed a few pounds, keeps our body cool and keeping tummy healthy.
  • Why is Protein Plus milk important ?
    Protein Plus milk helps in fulfilling the protein requirement of your body which is necessary for building immunity and staying fit.
  • What kind of protein is present in Protein Plus milk ?
    Protein Plus milk has 100% milk protein only. No preservatives are added.
  • Who should consume it?
    This product is for all the members of the family to build immunity.
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